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Rough Roads

03/31/08 7:55AM

This week during Morning Edition VPR will look at the conditions of Vermont's roads and what we can do about them. We'll look at the worst of the potholes in Rutland and explain why it's been so difficult for repair crews there to fix them. Brattleboro is working feverishly to patch its potholes and officials say they really need to dig deep and rebuild the major arteries through town. We'll look at conditions in the Northeast Kingdom, including one Norton bar owner who measures this year's unusually bad road damage by the number of shattered beer bottles that arrive on delivery trucks. And we'll look at the legislature's attempt to deal with the transportation funding crisis, and how the state got into the position of chronically under-funding its transportation infrastructure.

If you'd like to join the discussion, you can read what people are saying about their roads and post your thoughts and photos about the roads in your community. Click here to read and join the discussion. Tune in this week during Morning Edition for Rough Roads.


Monday, March 31: Northeast road conditions affecting businesses

In the first part of our series, we travel the roads of the Northeast Kingdom, where you might expect to spin your wheels from time to time. In this corner of the state, some business owners say the poor roads are affecting sales and theyd like some action.



Tuesday, April 1: Water, freezing temperatures add to Rutland pothole problem

Freezes and thaws have turned many paved streets into an "asphalt Swiss cheese." VPR's Nina Keck checks in with the street department in Rutland.



Wednesday, April 2: Moving beyond patching in Brattleboro

A road can be patched and resurfaced only so long before real problems start to set in. The situation in Brattleboro has gotten so dire, the town Selectboard and public works director traveled to Montpelier to plead for attention.



Thursday, April 3: Aging transportation network a hurdle for State road repairs

The constant freezing and thawing this winter have cracked highways and opened up crater-sized potholes. But the problem didn't just happen over the past few months. For years, Vermont has failed to keep up with repairs to the state's aging transportation network. The question now in Montpelier is how can the state catch up before the situation gets even worse?



Friday, April 4: Ode to a Pothole

All this week, VPR has been reporting on the state of Vermont's roads after one of the worst winters. Today, commentator, storyteller and contractor Willem Lange is here with the lighter side.


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