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Vermont Women

03/24/08 3:48PM By Betty Smith-Mastaler

Vermont's history is rich with the stories of women who have shaped our culture. VPR is celebrating Women's History Month with a special series of stories about Vermont Women and the lasting contributions they have made to our life here in Vermont. Listen this week during Morning Edition, as VPR examines the lasting contributions of five unique individuals.


Photo: The Enfield Shaker Museum's Curatorial Committee on the steps of the Vermont Historical Society's Library in Barre, where they researched the Shaker families who came from Vermont. Committee members in the photo are: Front row: Barbara Woods, Brattleboro. Back row (l to r): Cathy McGee, Norwich; Cynthia Barton, Hanover; Galen Beale, Canterbury. Absent: Jean Beard, Hanover.

Monday, March 24: Donella Meadows

Donella Meadows was a scientist trained in chemistry and biophysics who lived the last few years of her life in Hartland.

Audio and transcript of "Vermont Women: Donella Meadows"

For 12 years, Diana Wright was Donella Meadows' research assistant.

Tuesday, March 25: Shirley Jackson

As VPR's week honoring women who have contributed to the life and culture of Vermont continues, we hear from historian Deborah Clifford (pictured, right) about writer Shirley Jackson and the years she spent in southern Vermont.

Audio and transcript of "Vermont Women: Shirley Jackson"







Wednesday, March 26: Women's Relief Corp

Christine Smith - history teacher at Spaulding High School and Barre Technical Center - has the story of the Women's Relief Corp in post-Civil-War Vermont.

Audio and transcript of Women's Relief Corp








Thursday, March 27: Alice Herdan-Zuckmayer

Commentator Cyndy Bittinger tells how one of the best books about farm life in Vermont in the 1940s came to be written by a German refugee.

Audio and Transcript of Alice Herdan-Zuckmayer







Friday, March 28, 2008: Sister Jane Blanchard

We conclude this week's series on notable Vermont women, with the story of Sister Jane Blanchard - a Vermont Shaker - as told by author and Shaker scholar Galen Beale.

Audio and transcript of Sister Jane Blanchard





Photo: Canterbury Shaker Village Collection


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