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Faith of our Founding Fathers

02/18/08 12:00PM By Steve Zind
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This President's Day we turn back to our Founding Fathers and explore their religious beliefs. Gary Kowalski, Senior Minister of Burlington's First Unitarian Universalist Society, has written a new book, Revolutionary Spirit: The Enlightened Faith of America's Founding Fathers. Kowalski joins us to talk about why he believes our Founding Fathers were primarily men of science, not religion. (Listen)


Also, we examine President Calvin Coolidge's 1924 campaign with presidential historian Willard Sterne Randall. Coolidge's son had recently died, and Coolidge remarked that when he died, "the power and glory of the Presidency went with him." But despite his subdued campaign, Coolidge went on to win his first elected term as president.  (Listen)


And, VPR's own Robert Resnik sings Coolidge's famous campaign song, "Keep Cool and Keep Coolidge." (Listen)

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