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Sunday Bach for February 24th, 2008

02/24/08 7:00AM

Grab your morning cup of coffee and join us Sunday morning at 7 for a complete performance of the Bach "Coffee Cantata".

Cantata BWV 211
Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht – Kaffeekantate;
"Keep Quiet, Don’t Chatter"

1. Recitative: Narrator [Tenor]
Keep quiet, don't chatter
and hear what's going on now:
here comes Herr Schlendrian
with his daughter Liesgen
he's growling like a honey-bear -
hear for yourselves what she has done to him.

2. Aria: Herr Schlendrian [Bass]
Don't we have with our children
a hundred thousand muddles !
What always every day I
say to my daughter Liesgen
goes in one ear and out the other
[lit. goes by without profit]

3. Recitative: Schlendrian [Bass], Liesgen [Soprano]
You bad child, you wild girl!
Oh! If only I could have my way :
get rid of coffee!
Father, don't be so hard!
If three times a day I can't
drink my little cup of coffee,
then I would become so upset
that I would be like dried up piece of roast goat.

4. Aria: Liesgen [Soprano]
Ah! how sweet coffee tastes!
Lovelier than a thousand kisses,
smoother than muscatel wine.
Coffee, I must have coffee,
and if anyone wants to give me a treat,
ah!, just give me some coffee!

5. Recitative: Schlendrian [Bass], Liesgen [Soprano]
If you don't give up coffee,
you won't be going to any wedding
and you won't go out walking either.
Alright then !
Just leave me my coffee!
I'll get the little minx now!
I shan't get you the latest fashion in just your size.
I can easily do without that.
You're not to stand at the window
and you won't see anyone going by!
I don't mind that either; but please , I beg you,
just let me keep my coffee!
What's more you won't get from me
a silver or gold ribbon
to put on your bonnet!
That's fine! Just leave me my pleasure!
You're impossible Liesgen, you are,
you would give up everything I say?

6. Aria: Schlendrian [Bass]
Girls with obstinate minds
are not easily won over.
But if you hit the right spot,
oh then you're in luck.

7. Recitative: [Bass], [Soprano]
Now follow what your father says!
In everything else, but not coffee.
Well then! You must get used to the idea
that you won't have a husband either.
Oh yes! Father, a husband!
I swear, that won't happen.
Until I can give up coffee?
Right! Coffee, remain forever untouched
Father,listen, I won't drink any at all.
Then you'll have a husband!

8. Aria: Liesgen [Soprano]
This very day,
dear father, do it now!
Ah, a husband!
That's just right for me!
If only it could happen at once,
so that at last instead of coffee
before I go to bed
I could get a lusty lover!

9. Recitative: Narrator [Tenor]
Now old Schlendrian goes off and looks out
for his daughter Liesgen
to see if he can get her a husband soon.
But Liesgen lets it be secretly known:
no suitor of mine should come to the house
unless he himself has promised
and it is written also in the marriage contract
that I shall be permitted
to make coffee whenever I want.

10. Chorus (Terzetto) [Soprano, Tenor, Bass]
The cat does not leave the mouse,
young ladies remain coffee addicts.
The mother loves her cup of coffee
the grandmother drank it also.
Who can blame the daughters!

English Translation by Francis Browne (June 2005); www.bach-cantatas.com




Prelude from the Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007
Composer: JS Bach
Soloists: Jorg Baumann, cello
CD/Album: Bach the Ultimate Collection
Record co./Cat #: Erato 19275
Note: Theme Music


Sinfonia in a minor, BWV 18
Composer: JS Bach
Ensemble: Bach Collegium of Stuttgart
Conductor: Helmuth Rilling
Record co./Cat #: Hanssler 98270


Cantata Number 211, "Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht", "The Coffee Cantata" "Be Quiet, stop chattering"
Composer: JS Bach
Ensemble: Les violons du Roy
Conductor: Bernard Labadie
Soloists: Dorothea Roschmann, soprano ; Kevin McMillan, baritone
Record co./Cat #: Dorian 90199


Orchestral Suite Number 1, BWV 1066
Composer: JS Bach
Ensemble: Oregon Bach Festival Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Helmuth Rilling
Record co./Cat #: Hanssler 92132

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