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Rethinking Crime and Punishment

12/19/07 12:10PM By Jane Lindholm
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Vermont’s prison population has almost tripled over the last two decades, thanks in part to an effort to crack down on crimes like drunk driving and sexual and domestic assault. But the cost of all this incarceration has been “staggering,” according to Corrections Commissioner Robert Hofmann. Now the legislature has challenged Corrections to curb its escalating budgets and reduce the number of non-violent offenders in its jails. This month, the department released a report on ways that might happen. We discuss those options -- and their possible impact on Vermont’s communities – with Corrections Commissioner Hofmann, and with Senator Judiciary Chairman Dick Sears, who also chairs the legislature’s Corrections oversight committee.

Also on the program, a progress report from the Vermont Commission on Family Recognition. The Commission has held six hearings around the state on the issue of same sex marriage. Commission chairman Tom Little will fill us in.

Finally, we begin our annual Year-End Review with VPR's Steve Delaney. First up is a look at the environmental issue that led to a political showdown in Montpelier: Global Warming.

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