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2007 Year in Review

12/19/07 12:10PM By Steve Delaney

VPR is looking back at some of the top news stories of 2007 in VPR's Year in Review. Among the stories we examine are the political showdowns in the Legislature, a train derailment and fire in Middlebury, The Simpsons Movie premiere in Springfield and the marijuana debate. Join host Steve Delaney as he looks at the year's stories from Vermont's cultural, political and business landscape.



VPR's 2007 Year in Review continues this week duringVermont Edition at 12:00pm and All Things Considered at 4:00pm.



Global Warming

All through the year, awareness of global warming and the role played by carbon dioxide, kept growing among Vermonters. And as VPR's Steve Delaney reports in this part of our series, that awareness began strongly, early in the year.



Vermont is a place where native and visitor alike agree on one thing. The culture is a little different here. In this part of our series on the top stories of 2007, VPR's Steve Delaney explores several issues that illuminate what happens when that culture is in conflict with itself.


In Vermont, the weather is frequently the news. It makes or breaks growing seasons on the farms and ski season on the slopes. Or, as Steve Delaney reports in this part of our series on the top stories of 2007, sometimes Mother Nature just gets cranky.


There's a theory that more legislation is passed in odd-numbered years, when lawmakers are not distracted by running for office. But as VPR's Steve Delaney reports, politics seldom took a back seat to policy in the past twelve months.




In every collection of the year's top stories, some fit neatly into categories.... This is about politics, that's a weather story. Others just won't slide neatly into pigeon-holes, but are too good to leave out, as VPR's Steve Delaney reports in this part of our series on the best of 2007.


When things change in the business world, it often affects employment and the general economy. But business news is not often the lead story in a newscast. As VPR's Steve Delaney reports, some of those stories during the past year involved one of the biggest names in business.


In almost any year, some of the moving moments come when we pause to reflect on those who have left the stage during the past few months. And, as VPR's Steve Delaney reports, there were some notable departures this year.




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