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Congressman Peter Welch

11/30/07 12:00PM By Bob Kinzel
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AP Photo/Toby Talbot
Congressman Peter Welch
Congressman Peter Welch is Bob Kinzel's guest on Friday. They talk about Welch's effort to withdraw troops from Iraq, negotiations over car mileage standards and we'll take your phone calls.

Also in program, news analysis with top reporters in the state and we listen back to some of the voices in the week's news.


AP Photo/Toby Talbot



Listener emails to the program:


Les from Brattleboro writes:

You say that one reason lawmakers should not impeach Bush/Cheney is that they eed to concentrate on "oversight." Don't you know that impeachment is a form of oversight? I think your answers on the topic of impeachment are specious and they embarrass you.


Paul Bogosian from Windsor writes:

What do you think is the correct action for a person who has, since before the
beginning in 2003, known that all war is tragic and costly and that this war is
and always was just plain wrong, when the accusation is made that they do not support the troops when the opposite is true? I want our troops to live and be happy, so that they are always ready to protect and defend our unique American freedom. I want them to be alive to hear the thanks of the nation. How is that not being supportive? What's the reality?


Richard Scheiber from Cabot writes:

Recently you voted in favor of and the U.S. House of Representatives
passed the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of
2007 (HR-1955). Four hundred three other Congressmen also favored this proposed egislation.

Specifically, I am troubled by the proposed definition of the term "violent
radicalization." HR-1955 attempts to equate violent radicalization with
extremist belief systems. However, this bill fails to specifically define one
or more extremist belief systems in its attempt to attenuate violent
radicalization directly through punitive legislation. The result of this
proposed legislation is that extremist belief systems are anything that the
U.S. Government chooses to define as such.

We already have significant intrusive positive law in the form of the Patriot
Act, The Military Commissions Act of 2006, and a variety of Executive Orders.
Recently Robert Gensburg delivered a lecture entitled, "The Rule of Law is
Dead" after his office and home telephones were tapped and his office computer hacked, compromising client information. Gensburg is defending a Guantanamo detainee.

Specifically, what prompted you to vote for HR-1955 and would you consider the signers of our Declaration of Independence and the Framers of our Constitution to be individuals who held extremist beliefs in their time ?


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