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Vermont Faces Increase in Rural Crime

11/20/07 6:50AM By Jane Lindholm
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A surveillance video from the Hinesburg General Store shows an armed robber with the signature backward sweatshirt That marked a recent series of robberies. --
Violent crime is on the rise in rural areas, and Vermont seems to be seeing more than its share. Last year robberies more than doubled in the state, and homicides and aggravated assaults increased as well. Some law enforcement officials are talking about a new "culture of violence" in Vermont -- a change they relate to increased drug traffic. At the same time, many law enforcement job openings around the state remain unfilled. We talk about the problem with the head of the Vermont State Police.

Also on the program, we explore a new book of essays on how ordinary citizens can lead the fight against global warming. Plus, VPR's Tim Johnson ponders the rewards of following through with a seemingly extravagant idea.


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Emails we received in response to this program:

Rod in Richmond:

I'd like to assert that the best way to reduce any community's drug problem is for the members of the community to get out from behind their TVs and get to know the people in their neighborhood. By knowing your neighbors you can help people in all kinds of distress whether it be financial, mental, drugs, gang related or whatever. Old fashioned community building is a very important part of stopping the trends we are seeing, the police can't do it all alone.


Fred in Windsor:

I feel that Vermont is way to lenient on crime.

Legislators need to open their eyes to crime and accept it for what it is. Bad
behavior. Crimes committed against people who mind the laws are left behind while the guilty are given more chances than they should have. The guilty have liberties? When we begin to realize that criminals need to have liberties taken away - then the problem will begin to subside.

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