Turkey Confidential

11/22/07 8:44AM

Help is on the way for Thanksgiving cooks, kitchen helpers and their guests on the biggest cooking day of the year. On Thanksgiving morning, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, the host of The Splendid Table, takes listeners' calls for real-time turkey triage during the live broadcast of Turkey Confidential 2007. You can call in during the program at 1-800-537-5252.

The live, two-hour program has become a Thanksgiving morning tradition across the country. Past years have included everything from a cross-country trucker cooking his Thanksgiving dinner on the manifold to a panicked first-time cook who didn't realize the turkey needed to be thawed.

Lynne handles all questions with great wit, expertise and laughter. This year, Lynne will be joined by special guests chef Mario Batali, Cook's Illustrated's Christopher Kimball, actress and writer Amy Sedaris, road food warriors Jane and Michael Stern, and wine entrepreneur Joshua Wesson.

AP Photo/Larry Crowe



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