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Veteran's Day

11/12/07 12:00AM By Jane Lindholm
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Vermont National Guard psychologist, Colonel John Coffin, talks about the difficulties Iraq war veterans are still facing months after returning to their families.

We also hear the compelling stories behind a series of photos taken by one Vermont guard member.


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Joe from Swanton.

Civilians just don't comprehend the whole "other worldly" aspect of being in a combat zone. We refer to it as "hell" - a place that throws the people into extraordinary circumstances.A true, battle buddy who has been with you through the worst of the worst is something that cannot be understood by most. And if you both make it back out to the "real world" alive - that unsaid bond can be one of the biggest and strongest things to help any vet.A Buddy who knows - who has been there, who has put his life on the line for you- and you for him. You just can never get that by working with a guy in a cubed office for 30 years.


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Images from TASK FORCE SABER by SFC James Greene
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