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Vermont Rail Transportation

10/25/07 5:02PM By Jane Lindholm
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Monday's train derailment in Middlebury has re-focused attention on Vermont's rail infrastructure. Vermont's rail lines are still below industry standards. Nationally, most freight cars can carry a maximum load of 286,000 pounds, but most Vermont rail lines are rated for a maximum load 23,000 pounds lighter. And many in the state worry that weight limitations are hurting Vermont's rail business. We examine the economic issues and talk about rail safety, and the state's plans to improve rails across the state.

Also, following news that a middle school in Maine is providing birth control to students, we look at what's going on in Vermont schools. We talk with Barbara Frankowski, who has been in Burlington classrooms teaching sex education for the past 15 years.

And, we eavesdrop on a local French conversation group for novices and fluent speakers. "Club Poise" meets Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m. in Burlington, at the Borders Bookstore Cafe.


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