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Vermont Guard Status

10/04/07 12:00PM By Jane Lindholm
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Vermont National Guard - General Michael Dubie

This week, the 131st Engineers came back to Vermont from their deployment in Iraq. Their return means there are no Vermont Guard units deployed to Central Command in the Middle East currently. We talk with Adjutant General Michael Dubie about the status of the Vermont Guard - its recruiting, retainment goals, and whether more deployments can be expected.

Readjusting after deployment

The soldiers who've just returned face a period of readjustment with their families. We talk with a Guard spouse Nikki Van Iderstein, whose husband was deployed to Iraq, about how their family found a new sense of normality in the year and half since he returned.

Audio postcards from Vermont

Our series of audio postcards from Vermont towns continues with a stop in the tiny Northeast Kingdom village of Stannard, population 180. VPR's Steve Zind finds out what unites the residents in a town so small.

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