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Catamount Health Plan

09/27/07 12:09PM
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After years of political wrangling, Vermont’s answer to covering the uninsured takes another step forward. Beginning Monday, October 1, qualified Vermonters can begin to register for Catamount Health. The state is spending state and federal funds of about $1.4 million to help market the plan. We look at the state’s efforts to reach 65,000 uninsured Vermonters, and we talk about who’s eligible, and how to sign up.

Also, a day after the democratic primary debate at Dartmouth, we check in with an undecided student to see if any of the candidates made an impression. And, we look at the Quebec connection to Jack Kerouac’s famed On the Road.


For more information on Catamount Health, call the Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security Education at 1-800-482-4723

To enroll in Catamount Health, beginning October 1, 2007, call 1-800-250-8427

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Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security Education Fund To enroll in Catamount Health beginning October 1 2007
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