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New Supreme Court Session

10/01/07 12:00PM
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U.S. and Vermont Supreme Courts
The U.S. Supreme Court begins a new session this coming Monday, and a few of the cases on its docket have Vermont ties. Vermont Law School professor Cheryl Hanna walks us through some of those cases. We also look at ideological trends on the Vermont Supreme Court, which began its session a week ago.

The China Project

Also in the program we hear the impressions of a group of young Vermont musicians who traveled to China this summer to perform in magnificant concert halls and even play at the Great Wall.

Audio Postcards from Vermont Towns
Listeners have been writing us with notes about what makes their towns special. This week we begin an occasional series of audio postcards from towns around the state. First up: Lyndonville. Tell us about your town, and you might hear some familiar places and voices on the air.



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