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Green House Gas Reduction

08/13/07 1:38PM
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In this episode:
  • When it comes to carbon emissions, what decisions are we making that help or hurt the effort to reduce greenhouse gases? We talk with experts about how individuals can reduce reduce their carbon footprints, and whether those efforts are enough to change the trendline of global climate change.

  • Reporter Candace Page talks with Jane Lindholm about a study that suggests farm pollution may be the cause of deformed frogs.

  • August 13 is VPR's anniversary, and we look back at 30 years of public radio in Vermont.

  • Links mentioned in the program:
    Gund Institute for Ecological Economics
    Global Footprint Network
    Car fuel economy ratings from the US government
    Earth Inc
    Yale frog researcher David Skelly
    30 years of VPR
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