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The Battle Of Bennington

08/16/07 1:37PM
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In this episode:


  • The Battle of Bennington scored a moral victory for New England�s rag-tag volunteer army, and possibly turned the tide in the American Revolution. Two Hundred thirty years later, we take a fresh look at the battle and its renegade hero, General John Stark of New Hampshire.

  • The prestigious Breadloaf Writers Conference is underway in Ripton. We talk with Breadloaf historian David H. Bain about hisotry of the annual gathering and the notable writers who got their starts there.

  • Listen in as poet Robert Frost says his poem "Birches." Frost was was one of Breadloaf's founders, and this recording was made at the conference on July 5, 1954.

  • Links mentioned in the program:
    Battle of Bennington events calendar
    Breadloaf Writers' Conference
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