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2007 Town Meeting Day Coverage

03/06/07 3:57PM

Town Meeting Related Stories

School budget success could influence property tax reform
Waterbury rejects town, village merger
Thirty-seven towns vote in favor of impeachment resolution
Rockingham negotiates dam settlement
Douglas tries to stop impeachment resolution vote
School budgets fare well at Town Meeting
A Town Meeting snapshot
Mock election held in Burlington
Towns pass hydro power permitting resolutions
Middlesex votes against Australian ballot
Louras elected Rutland Mayor
Construction moratorium could affect school consolidation
Thetford Academy referendum gets approval
Impeachment resolution wins majority of votes in Vermont
Burlington voters defeat 9-11 advisory question
Daniels wins Vergennes mayoral race
Rutland mayoral race draws steady stream of traffic
Markowitz hopeful on primary date change discussion
Impeachment resolution draws passionate debate
Weathersfield voters turn back impeachment debate motion

Bennington skateboard park proposal well received
School budgets one of most watched trends for Town Meeting
Iraq war resolution part of Rockingham Town Meeting
Town Meeting survey offers a snapshot of feelings on issues
School bond issue comes up again in several communities
Town Meeting moderators gather for a tune-up
The challanges of being a town moderator
Manchester voters amend request for carbon dioxide offset funds
Obuchowski talks of education funding change possibility

VPR Commentaries

Caleb Daniloff - Town Moderator
Deborah Luskin - Civil disobedience
Neil Stout - Town Meeting and the Revolution

Town Meeting Day
Listen to a special 90-minute Town Meeting Day edition of Switchboard. We look at resolutions, ballots items and school budgets around the state. Hosted by Bob Kinzel and Steve Zind..

Town Meeting Day
Town Meeting moderators Susan Clark of Middlesex and Ed Chase of Westford reveal the secrets to running a smooth floor meeting; VPR's Nina Keck reports on the Rutland mayoral race that's drawn a field of six candidates. Reporter Candace Page on where the Legislature stands at Town Meeting time. Moderators give their personal take on how they do their jobs.

First Tuesday In March
More than a century ago lawmakers designated the first Tuesday in March as a day for town meeting. Now changing times are threatening the health of this democratic institution. What is the future of town meeting day? This hour long documentary, narrated by VPR's Steve Delaney, explores the rich tradition of Town Meeting Day, its importance to Vermont life and the challenges to grassroots democracy during changing times. We hear from all the experts: the voters, moderators, clerks, the governor, the secretary of state, the legislature and the political scientists. And we'll hear about the ideas that are being put forward to strengthen town meeting in the future.

First Tuesday in March
: Audio and Transcript


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