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The Future of Education

02/27/07 3:48PM
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VPR's Bob Kinzel hosts two 90-minute specials on the future of education in Vermont. The two broadcasts feature panel discussions, reports, and of course, questions from our live audience, including listener calls. Contributing to the symposium are VPR’s Nina Keck, Steve Zind, Susan Keese and Lynne McCrea.

Click "Listen" to hear the Tuesday February 27th Symposium online.

Click the first "Additional Audio" at the bottom of the page to hear the Thursday, March 1st Symposium online 


VPR Symposium Coverage:

The Future of Education: A Cost Review
The Future of Education: A Property Tax Lesson
The Future of Education: Winners, Losers Under Act 60 and 68
The Future of Education: Changing the Way Education is Funded
The Future of Education: Increased Costs
The Future of Education: The Cost of Special Education
The Future of Education: Teacher Healthcare Benefits
The Future of Education: Peacham's Elementary School Future
The Future of Education: Slowing Down Budget Increases

The School Spending Increase Cap Debate

Click the second "Additional Audio" at the bottom of the page to hear a debate of the pros and cons in Governor Jim Douglas’ proposal to cap increases in school spending - with Tax Commissioner Tom Pelham and Topsham Representative Bud Otterman.

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Here is a breakdown of the two-day symposium

Tuesday, February 27:
The Future of Education—What Will It Cost?

  • Economist Nicholas Rockler talks with Bob Kinzel about his detailed study of the changing demographics of Vermont schools. Rockler’s 2006 report, commissioned by the Vermont Business Roundtable and the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce, provides a statistical benchmark for lawmakers to consider proposals designed to reduce costs.
  • Peacham School at a Crossroads—VPR’s Steve Zind relates one town’s debate over whether to close its elementary school.
  • Balancing the Budget for Rutland School—VPR’s Nina Keck talks with leaders of Rutland Schools about pressure on the district’s budget.
  • The Practical Impact of Cost-Cutting—A Panel Discussion with:
    • Seth Bongartz, chair, Burr and Burton Board of Trustees
    • Patty Kenyon, vice chair, Middletown Springs School Board
    • Marty Strange, director, Rural Education Trust
  • How Special Education Affects Budget—VPR’s Lynne McCrea examines how Addison County school district is dealing with the growing population of special education students.
  • Education Commissioner Richard Cate talks with Bob Kinzel. Cate gives his analysis and reaction to issues covered in the program. He’ll also describe possible ways forward for school districts grappling with cost-containment.

Thursday, March 1:
The Future of Education—How Will We Pay For It?

  • Dr. Lawrence Picus is a professor at University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education and a national expert on how states finance education. He talks with Bob Kinzel about Vermont’s education financing reform movement.
  • The Legislature’s Role in Controlling Costs—A Panel Discussion with:
    • Rep. Janet Ancel, chair, House Education Committee
    • Sen. Don Collins, chair, Senate Education Committee
  • What is in My Tax Bill?—VPR’s Nina Keck gets a lesson from Bill Talbot, Department of Education CFO, on how to decipher what goes into your property tax bill.
  • How Education Should Be Funded—A Panel Discussion with:
    • Rep. Mike Obuchowksi, chair, Ways and Means Committee
    • Rep. Rick Hube
    • Sen. Mark MacDonald
  • Some Towns Win, Some Towns Lose—VPR’s Susan Keese looks at how different towns fare under the current funding model.
  • Lightning Debate: The Governor’s Cap on Spending—A concise debate of the pros and cons in Governor Jim Douglas’ proposal to cap increases in school spending.
  • Former Governor Madeleine Kunin—Gov. Kunin was instrumental in the changes made to the school funding formula as a legislator and governor. She also served as U.S. deputy secretary of education. Gov. Kunin wraps up this symposium assessing the information presented and looks at potential changes in the future of education.

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