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The Changing Climate

01/01/07 12:00AM

Learn more about the program, Early Signs: Reports from a Warming Planet that recently aired on VPR.

VPR/Tim Johnson
The changing climate could alter our way of life, our landscape and industry. VPR recently took an in-depth look at the changing climate and the forecast for our region. Some want Vermont to become a national leader in addressing climate changes. Others focus on the individual and how each person can make a difference in everyday life.

In this special series we hear from Dr. Alan Betts on the science of climate change and the problems created by global warming. Author Bill Mckibben talks about the impact of global warming on our woodlands, and what Vermont needs to do to become a leader in environmental solutions. Commissioner of Environmental Conservation, Jeffrey Wennberg, reviews the efforts Vermont has made thus far to counter global warming. Author Peter Barnes gives an industry perspective on how proposals to trade pollution permits will affect future emissions. Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy, Dan Reicher, discusses the transformation of the energy industry and the future of ‘renewables’.

We also hear from everyday people who are changing their lives to lessen the impact of fossil fuels. And we look at ways people are raising awareness through art.

Interview: Nicole Stuckenberger, Hood Museum Inuit exhibit
The effects of climate change are already being felt in the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland and the North Pole. Those effects are part of a new exhibit at the Hood Museum at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Interview: Vermont Law School's Pat Parenteau on climate change politics
For a quarter of a century the Vermont Law School has specialized in environmental law, and that's what Professor Pat Parenteau teaches there. He spoke with Steve Delaney and says climate change is a scientific problem that must be addressed on the political level.

"Climate Change: The Musical" featured in film
One of the scenes in The Great Warming shows people in Keene, New Hampshire rehearsing a production titled Climate Change: The Musical. The play has never been performed in quite the way its creator had in mind.But now the composer thinks the country may be ready for some interactive- theatrical-environmental-problem solving.

Interview: Karen Coshof, 'The Great Warming' follow-up
We catch up with Karen Coshof and her husband Michael Taylor, one of the directors of the film The Great Warming to find out what other projects might be on the horizon, and what's happened since the film's initial release.

Switchboard: Small-scale alternative energy
Fran Stoddard hosts a Switchboard discussion on small-scale alternative energy. We talk about practical steps individuals, local communities and farms can take to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, and adopt alternative energy sources.

Warmer world could spell trouble for maple sugaring industry
A warmer world may spell trouble for maple sugaring, Vermont's signature and sweetest industry. VPR's John Dillon talks with sugar makers and looks at new research that predicts an earlier and shorter sugaring season.

Vermont brothers tap maple trees in central Vermont

Elliot and his brother Burr Morse are the seventh generation of Morses to tap maple trees in central Vermont. But the brothers say the sap runs have not been predictable in recent years. Here they discuss how they make maple candy, their family's heritage and why suger makers love mud.

Interview: Paul Zabriskie, Energy Efficiency
As part of VPR's exploration this week of the ways that Vermonters are acting to curb the negative effects of the Changing Climate, an update on an early experiment in energy efficiency.

Interview: Marc Morano, Climate Change and Misinformation
Today, a perspective we haven't heard to this point, from someone who believes that concern about a man-made catastrophe related to climate change is unfounded.

Former weather columnist sees change in Vermont climate
Much of what we know about our weather over the past two hundred years is thanks to their records. VPR's Steve Zind visited with a Vermonter who is part of a long tradition of recording the weather.

Interview: Robin McDermott, Localvore movement
The Localvore movement is an effort to eat only locally grown foods. Proponents say a big benefit is that it saves on transportation and lessens a dependence on fossil fuels. Robin McDermott is one of the founders of Localvore in the Mad River Valley. She spoke with Neal Charnoff about how she got interested in the Localvore effort.

Experts stress further achievements in energy conservation, technology
Vermont is already a leader in energy conservation and environmentally friendly technologies, but there is much more the state can achieve. That was the message today from several experts who testified before the Legislature.

Interview: Alex Wilson, Building Green
Alex Wilson is the founder and president of Building Green, a Brattleboro company that publishes an on-line newsletter for the construction industry, called Environmental Building News. He spoke with Steve Delaney and says the publication offers hands-on tips for energy-sensitive building practices.

Interview: Tom Boucher, Native Energy
Tom Boucher is the co-founder of Native Energy, a Vermont-based firm that finds creative ways to bring renewable energy sources to the market. Boucher has been urging companies and people to conserve energy and curb greenhouse gas emissions his entire career.

Commentary: John Fox - Personal responsibility
When it comes to dealing with the changing climate, commentator John Fox thinks we might learn a thing or two about personal responsibility from our ancient ancestors.

Shumlin expects wide variety of climate change proposals in session
Senate President Peter Shumlin says he expects a wide variety of proposals dealing with climate change will be rolled into one omnibus bill during the current legislative session. Hear the entire Switchboard interview with Peter Shumlin

Interview: Dan Reicher, New Energy Capital
Dan Reicher, of Norwich, is with New Energy Capital a company that develops renewable energy projects such as ethanol and biodiesel. He also served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy in the Clinton administration. He spoke with Neal Charnoff about the obstacles to getting renewable energy projects off the ground.

Commentary: Helen Labun Jordan - Climate Change
The changing climate has become a top priority for Vermont's state government this year. And commentator Helen Labun Jordan has been thinking about the types of climate change policies Vermont might need.

Brattleboro group adopts energy saving lifestyle
A group of people in Brattleboro are changing the way they live. They're the members of Post-Oil Solutions. And they say like-minded groups and individuals are emerging everywhere.

Word for Word: Amory Lovins' address to the Vermont Legislature
The changing climate is being studied by the Vermont Legislature. And as part of their education on global warming they have been hearing from experts in the field. One of those experts is Amory Lovins, the founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute and a leading thinker on energy. Click on the above link to hear the entire address.

Interview: Environmental Protection Commissioner Jeff Wennberg
Environmental Protection Commissioner Jeff Wennberg is the Governor's point man on climate change, and he says that right now Vermont is in a good position, especially on the issue of greenhouse gas emissions.

Interview: Author Peter Barnes on the 'Cap and Trade' initiative
Peter Barnes is a former journalist and author of numerous books on the environment.His latest book is called "Capitalism 3.0: A Guide to Reclaiming the Commons."Barnes recently gave testimony on climate change to the Vermont Legislature, and suggests that the state should consider a variation on the so-called "Cap and Trade" initiative.

Interview: Author, Bill McKibben on climate changes
Author Bill McKibben, wrote The End of Nature twenty years ago. It was the first book to speak to a general audience about the dangers of global warming. Neal Charnoff joined McKibben for a walk in a wooded area of East Montpelier, where he says we could see big changes in years to come.

Interview: David Blittersdorf, NRG Systems on clean energy
For twenty five years, wind power advocate David Blittersdorf has been preaching wind energy and other clean, renewable resources.Now, suddenly, there's an audience listening to the message. He spoke with Steve Delaney and says he's been feeling somewhat vindicated recently, because of the new attention being given to climate change and clean energy.

Interview: Alan Betts, atmospheric researcher on climate change
Dr. Alan Betts is an atmospheric researcher from Pittsford and president of the Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering. He spoke with Mitch Wertlieb about the U.S. awareness of global warming, how our economy has grown from the availability of fossil fuels and how a shift is needed from that to stop climate change.

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Recent Programming on VPR

Early Signs: Reports from a Warming Planet

The early signs of climate change are showing up across vastly differing landscapes: from melting outposts near the Arctic Circle to disappearing glaciers high in the Andes; from the rising water in the deltas of Bangladesh to the "sinking" atolls of the Pacific. Reports from a Warming Planet takes listeners to parts of the planet where global warming is already making changes to life and landscape. The reports demonstrate how climate change is no longer restricted to scientific modeling about the future it's happening now.

Listen to the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee Climate Change meetings

1/10/07 - Science of Climate Change: Urgency of Addressing and Economic Opportunity
Bill McKibben, Author and Professor, Middlebury College
Dr. Alan K. Betts, President, Vermont Academy of Science & Engineering

1/11/07 - Opportunities for Vermont Economic Development and Climate Change
Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, Colorado

1/16/07 - Climate Change and Possible Vermont Policy Initiatives
Peter Barnes, Founder, Working Assets

1/17/07 - Climate Change and Possible Vermont Policy Initiatives
Mike Savonis, Federal Highway Administration, Glen Anderson, NCSL, Steven Letendre, Ph.D., Green Mountian College, Poultney

1/18/07 - Climate Change and Possible Vermont Policy Initiatives
Dr. John Boright, National Academy of Science, Vernon Grubinger, UVM Extension Service, Samuel P. Kransnow, Michael Stoddard, Environment Northeast

1/24/07 - Specific Opportunities for Vermont to Build a Sustainable Economy by Addressing Climate Change
Richard Cowart and Richard Sedano, Regulatory Assistance Project, Michael Dworkin, Professor of Law and Director, Institute for Energy and the Environment, Richard Watts, Transportation Research Center, UVM

1/25/07 - Specific Opportunities for Vermont to Build a Sustainable Economy by Addressing Climate Change
Jeffrey Wolfe, Gro Solar, Lawrence Mott, wind developer, David Blittersdorf, NRG Systems, Scott Johnstone, Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization, Mark Delaney, Smuggler's Notch Resort, Dr. Walter Varhue, Professor, UVM College of Engineering, Math & Science, Bob Selzer, JMAR Technology


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