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Wednesday, 02/22/12
That's right: Mitch Wertlieb, host of Morning Edition on VPR, delivers this wrap written by a VPR listener. Anything to make the phones ring during a membership drive.
 MP3 Available Extras Extras: Thank You For Coming To The VPR Picnic!
Saturday, 09/17/11
Come join us for the 2011 VPR Listener Picnic!
 MP3 Available Extras Extras: Actor David Peare Reads "Riders To The Sea"
Friday, 09/09/11
Irish actor David Peare reads the play Riders To The Sea by John Millington Synge.  The play resonated with Don Goodrich of Bennington, who lost his son Peter Goodrich in the attacks of 9/11/01 so much he commissioned a recording of it. Extras Extras: Listeners Turn In Their Friends To Ira Glass
Thursday, 05/19/11
This American Life host Ira Glass recently asked public radio supporters to "turn in a friend" - that is, someone who listens to and loves public radio, but has never pledged. He called several of these people to find out why.
 MP3 Available Extras Extras: The Method Behind the Music
Friday, 04/15/11
Learn about Mitch Wertlieb's connection with the Grateful Dead, and how he selects the music for Morning Edition on VPR Extras Extras: Alec Baldwin On Pledge Drives
Wednesday, 02/16/11
Alec Baldwin doesn't want you to pledge...or does he? Check out these hilarious fundraising spots produced by Ira Glass and WNYC, and learn how you can "end the shenanigans now!"
 MP3 Available Extras Extras: Heard On The VPR Membership Drive
Tuesday, 02/08/11
Listen to some of the testimonials you heard on-air during the Winter 2011 VPR Membership Drive, from NPR and VPR hosts, reporters, and staff.
 MP3 Available Extras Extras: VPR Underwriter Testimonials
Wednesday, 11/17/10
Thanks to all of the local businesses and organizations that underwriter Vermont Public Radio! Extras Extras: Summer Music Festivals
Friday, 05/28/10
Visit VPR's online directory of 2010 Summer Music Festivals in Vermont. Extras Extras: The April Snowstorm
Wednesday, 04/28/10
Listeners are sending in their suggestions for what to call today's April snowstorm.  Do you have photos to share?  What do you think we should call the storm?  Check out the names and photos and share yours! Extras Extras: The New Sound of Saturday Afternoon on VPR
Saturday, 01/09/10
Saturday afternoons on VPR will sound different beginning January 9. Click here for a preview, including two new additions, Spark and To the Best of Our Knowledge.
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Saturday, 12/19/09
VPR's music hosts Walter Parker, George Thomas, Cheryl Willoughby, and Joe Goetz suggest some of their favorite music (and more) as gift ideas for the Holiday Season. Extras Extras: Wabanaki Creation Story
Wednesday, 07/08/09
The summer VPR Artist Mug depicts the Wabanaki Creation story as told by Carolyn Black. Hunt and Black perform as The Laughing Couple throughout the northeast. In their stage presentation Carolyn recites the creation story and Rick illustrates it on a large mural.
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