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UVM Students Push Public, Police On Distracted Driving Law

Vermont’s new ban on the use of handheld electronics while driving went into effect Oct. 1, and a group of UVM students is already spotting violators and advocating for citizens and police to be aware of the law.

Here's A List Of Reporting Stations And Wardens For The 2014 Hunting Season

Love it or hate it, hunting is a big part of fall in Vermont. One of the annual autumn rituals is the naming of big game stations around the state. These are the places where hunters take bear, deer, turkey and moose to be weighed and reported.

Sanders: Sending Ground Troops to Syria To Fight ISIS Is A Big Mistake

Senator Bernie Sanders says he’s growing increasingly concerned that American troops will soon be sent to fight in Syria. Sanders says taking this military action would be an enormous mistake.  

Compliance Inspection Underway At Brattleboro Retreat

A team from the Vermont Division of Licensing and Protection is at the Brattleboro Retreat this week conducting an unannounced inspection.

The state inspectors are at the psychiatric hospital on behalf of the federal agency that governs Medicare and Medicaid. The Retreat stands to lose its federal funding if problems cited in two recent inspections haven’t been corrected.

Technology Looms As Obstacle To Single-Payer Health Care

Technology may prove the tallest hurdle in Gov. Peter Shumlin’s quest for single-payer health care. Problems with the state’s on-line insurance exchange have prompted new concerns among legislators about the next phase of health care reform. 

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