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Payroll Tax, Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax At A Critical Juncture

This is going to be a critical week for the future of a major health care initiative in the House. It's unlikely that the House Ways and Means committee is going raise as much money as the Shumlin administration originally proposed, which means some elements of the governor's plan may have to be scaled back.

Middlebury Police Investigate 1971 Disappearance With Possible Connection To Robert Durst

The decades-old case of missing Middlebury College student Lynne Schulze is now grabbing national headlines.

Police in Middlebury recently announced that the case from 1971 has an “interesting” connection to millionaire murder suspect Robert Durst in that Shulze shopped at Durst's health food store on the day of her disappearance. 

In West Windsor, It's Not Too Soon For Fourth Of July Planning

Spring may be a little late in coming to Vermont, but that hasn't slowed the pace of planning for West Windsor's July Fourth Committee. It takes money to put on an annual Fourth of July celebration like the one West Windsor puts on in Brownsville each year. The fireworks alone will cost $6,500. So the committee is planning a spring event to help pay for their big event in July. They're holding a rummage and bake sale, and are soliciting donated goods.

Fire Destroys Sawmill In Fairlee

A four-alarm fire in Fairlee has totally destroyed a  sawmill for a company that employs 50 people. At least 20 of those workers face an uncertain future.

Talking To Kids About Racism Early And Often

There are a few awkward talks that parents in America have with their kids: Don't do dangerous drugs. Be careful with alcohol. And of course, the Sex Talk.

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