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School Closings

Last Update: 4:49:52 AM 12/11/2016

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No Reported Closings

There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Vermont Activist Groups Look To Unify And Mobilize Under Trump

Activist groups focused on racial justice, climate change, reproductive rights and economic issues are trying to turn the election of Donald Trump into a unifying moment for their various movements.

State Sen. Bill Doyle Reflects On His 48 Years In The Vermont Legislature

In November of 1968, Johnson State political science professor Bill Doyle was first elected to the Vermont Senate from Washington County. After that first victory, Doyle was re-elected 23 times.

Conversion Of Motel Into Apartments Designed To Help Homeless, Lower Costs

The University of Vermont Medical Center is funding the purchase of a Burlington motel as a way to reduce health care costs.

The medical center is making it possible for the Champlain Housing Trust to purchase the Bel Aire Motel in Burlington and convert it into rental apartments.

New England's Largest Battery Is Hidden Inside A Massachusetts Mountain

It was Boston-born Ben Franklin who first used the term “battery” to describe an electric storage device. Now, nearly three centuries later, Massachusetts is hoping to jump-start the development of new kinds of batteries to power the future.

Controversy Behind Them, UVM Men's Hockey Faces Off Against Rival B.U.

In his two decades as a Division I head hockey coach, Kevin Sneddon has never experienced as a tumultuous a first half to a season as he has this year with the University of Vermont.

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