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School Closings

Last Update: 2:59:46 AM 9/26/2016

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No Reported Closings

There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Low Levels Of Carcinogen Chromium-6 In New England Drinking Water

The carcinogen often referred to as the "Erin Brockovich chemical" is present in about two-thirds of the drinking water across the country, according to water testing data from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Burlington School Board And Teachers’ Union Weigh In On Contract Tensions

Burlington School Board Commissioner, Liz Curry, shares her thoughts on the contract tensions.

After a year of unsuccessful contract talks, the Burlington's School Board has moved to impose working conditions on teachers without their approval. The teachers' union has rejected that move, but the school board maintains it simply doesn't have the money to agree to the teachers' proposal.

Supreme Court Sides With State In Current Use Ruling

The state and the owner of a tens of thousands of acres of land in the Northeast Kingdom are awaiting yet another court decision on a timber harvesting violation under the state’s Current Use Program.The state originally penalized the company by removing a significant parcel of land from the tax-saving program. The company appealed that decision. It won a lower court ruling. But this month, the Vermont Supreme Court overturned the ruling and sided with the state.

At Women's Issues Debate, Minter And Scott Outline Different Approaches

Vermont has had one female governor in its 225-year history. At a debate on women’s issues Thursday, Democratic candidate Sue Minter made the case that it’s time for another.

Car Chargers And Local Specialties At Vt.'s New Privately-Owned 24-7 Rest Stop

Just in time for foliage season, there’s a new rest area open off exit 7 on Interstate 89, in Berlin, and it offers a lot of firsts for Vermont.Audio for this story will be posted.

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