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School Closings

Last Update: 12:29:34 PM 10/21/2016

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No Reported Closings

There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

WBUR Poll: Support Increases For Legalizing Marijuana In Massachusetts

A new WBUR poll finds support for the legalization of marijuana is up among likely Massachusetts voters.

Fifty-five percent of likely voters now say they favor allowing adults to use recreational marijuana, which is the subject of Question 4 on the state‚Äôs November ballot.

Remembering Bob Dylan's 1975 Tour Stop At The University Of Vermont

Last week Bob Dylan was awarded the Noble Prize for Literature, becoming the first American since Toni Morrison to receive that honor. During his five decades of making music, he played countless shows, and on one of his most famous tours, he came through Vermont.

Time To Vote: Meet The Candidates For Vermont Attorney General

Vermont's Attorney General Bill Sorrell has served in his position since 1997, but is not seeking reelection this year. Three candidates in Vermont are now vying for that open seat.In Vermont, the attorney general serves a two-year term and is the head law enforcement official, tasked with representing the state. 

VPR Poll: Leahy Leads In Senate Race; Milne Fails To Grow Support

About 60 percent of Vermonters polled say they'd vote for Democratic incumbent Sen. Patrick Leahy, who has held the office since 1975. His challenger, Republican Scott Milne, has held steady in recent months with about 22 percent of polled voters.

Local Artists Reflect On Beauty And Youth In The SHE Project, Part 1

You've probably noticed you're seeing - and therefore scrutinizing - your own image and those of others more and more these days. Vermont multi-disciplinary artists Mary Admasian and Kristen M. Watson noticed, too.

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