School Closings

Last Update: 12:49:24 PM 10/24/2014

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No Reported Closings

There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Burlington Schools' Interim Leaders Quit, Blame Board

The interim administrative team that was in place to right the troubled Burlington Public School system earlier this year resigned suddenly Friday morning, citing conflicts with the city’s school board.

Growth In Vermont's Food Systems Is Outpacing The State's Overall Economy

Growth in Vermont's local food systems is outpacing that of the state's overall economy by a rate of three to one and creating thousands of new jobs, according to new numbers identified by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.

To Merge Or Not To Merge? Vermont School Districts Face Difficult Questions

Vermont lawmakers have been working for years to move the state’s schools toward more efficient operations. They’ve passed laws and enacted tax incentives in an effort to make school district mergers easier and more appealing for local communities.

Leahy Wants To Preserve Equal Access To The Internet

Sen. Patrick Leahy is asking the nation’s largest Internet providers to make a concrete commitment that they will not pursue any plans to create so called “fast lanes” on the Internet.

VTrans Will No Longer Install Suspect Guardrails

Vermont is putting a hold on the use of a potentially faulty guardrail component that some other states have deemed a safety hazard.

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