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Recent News

More Cost Increases In Vermont Gas Pipeline Plan

Vermont Gas Systems is again alerting regulators about cost increases related to the natural gas pipeline the company hopes will bring service to Rutland.

Vermont PBS Fined But Keeps Funding After Open Meeting Violations

Vermont PBS will not lose federal funding after a number of violations of open meeting rules last year, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting ruled this week.

VTC Hopes Dairy Processing Will Improve College Farm Cash Flow

A new dairy processing plant at Vermont Technical College is slated go online in the near future.  The plant will provide  educational opportunities for students, but administrators also hope it will help the college balance its budget.

Despite Pleas To Bypass Troubled Exchange, Shumlin Stays The Course

Ongoing problems with the state’s health care exchange have prompted renewed calls for major changes in the way that individuals and small businesses purchase health insurance in Vermont. But Gov. Peter Shumlin is resisting these changes.

Bread And Puppet Staging Gaza Protest Vigils

Activists from Glover's Bread and Puppet Theater spread out in communities around Vermont on Wednesday to hold vigils in protest of the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza. And the troupe is planning similar action on the statehouse lawn on Friday.

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