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School Closings

Last Update: 7:10:06 AM 2/12/2016

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No Reported Closings

There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Statewide Solution To Avoiding Sewage Spills Into Public Waters Remains Ellusive

When rain mixed with snowmelt last week in Rutland, the resulting flows overloaded the city's storm water and sewer system. More than 100,000 gallons of untreated storm water and sewage poured into local creeks. State and local officials are trying to stop overflows like this, but there are few simple solutions.

Bellows Falls Mill Won't Work For Justice Center

A former paper mill in Bellows Falls might not be  the best site for a proposed 150-bed detention center.

During a recent inspection engineers discovered major structural problems in the building.

State Averages Less Than $2 A Gallon For Gas; Higher Prices Expected

The average price of regular gasoline has dropped below $2 per gallon for the first time since early 2009, according to the state’s monthly fuel price report. The average price is $1.97 per gallon, but it’s likely prices won’t stay this low much longer.

UVM Vaccine Center Plans To Test Zika Vaccine Under Development

The University of Vermont Vaccine Testing Center has been selected to help test a potential vaccine that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is developing against the Zika virus.

Equity Crowdfunding Gets A Boost In Vermont

There’s a new effort underway to boost opportunities to put small start-up businesses together with Vermont investors. The hope is to encourage a type of investing known as equity crowdfunding. 

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