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Recent News

State Wants To Help Vermont Producers Bring Their Food To Market ... In Boston

Food grown and produced in Vermont may soon be making an appearance at a new market opening in Boston. The initiative is part of a new "domestic export program" called for by an economic development bill signed into law by Gov. Peter Shumlin earlier this year.

Time To Button Up

This Saturday is Button Up Vermont's Day of Action. It's the second annual event intended to inspire Vermonters to weatherize their homes. Organizers are hoping Vermonters will embrace the fall Button Up Vermont event in the same way they take part in Green Up Day each spring.

High School Playoff Season Kicks Into Gear

At first blush, the 2014 Division I boys' soccer post-season looks like business as usual. Perennial power Champlain Valley Union has once again marched through the playoffs and is within sight of yet another state title.

A Surveillance Device That Can Tell Other People When You Are Smoking

There is now a scientific way to find out if someone is smoking, even if no one else is in the room. The nondescript white plastic box, brand-named FreshAir Sensor, gets installed  into a wall outlet. Inside, a computer chip is coated with polymers that are sensitive to certain chemicals found in tobacco and marijuana.

House Speaker Shap Smith Says 2015 Is The Year To Curb Education Spending

Earlier this year, House Speaker Shap Smith quietly assembled a special group to oversee the creation of an education reform plan. And its work will set the stage for a 2015 legislative session in which public education – not single-payer health care – will be top of mind for House lawmakers.

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