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Recent News

Lots Of Choice In Northeast Kingdom State's Attorney Races

Voters in the Northeast Kingdom will have some clear choices in the upcoming primary election for state’s attorney. In Orleans County, the incumbent faces three challengers, and two of them have served as his deputies. In Essex County, the race pits a veteran of state politics against a juvenile defense attorney who wants to find alternatives to litigation.

Monthly Jobless Numbers Only Tell Part Of The Story

This week, the Vermont Labor Department reported the state unemployment rate had gone up for a second straight month. It rose to 3.7 percent in July. 

Boil Water Order Issued In Fair Haven

State officials issued a boil water notice in the town of Fair Haven Tuesday because water samples tested positive for fecal coliform (E. coli).

Scott Milne Up With First TV Ad Of 2014 Elections

With seven days until the primary election, the first television ad of the 2014 election cycle hit the airwaves Tuesday.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne is spending more than half of the approximately $40,000 he’s raised thus far to broadcast a 30-second spot on network stations across Vermont. The ad buy comes as Milne, owner of a travel company that bears his name, looks to build some name recognition in advance of next week’s primary election.

Snow Gun Exchange Expected To Save Vermont Ski Resorts Millions

This summer Vermont ski resorts are investing millions to upgrade their snowmaking equipment, thanks in part to an innovative rebate offer from Efficiency Vermont. The snow gun exchange program is expected to help the state’s ski industry reduce carbon emissions and save $2 million a year in energy costs.

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