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Recent News

Vermont Leaves Dairies Of Distinction Program

Vermont's Agency of Agriculture will no longer run the Dairies of Distinction program, ending a decade's worth of participation. The Addison Independent broke that news last week. The program is run in four other states, and recognizes farms for their aesthetic value.

As Shumlin's Approval Numbers Fade, Bruce Lisman Finds His Political Voice

It’s been almost four years since former Wall Street executive Bruce Lisman founded his public policy outfit, Campaign for Vermont. But only recently has he begun using his public platform to castigate the Shumlin administration directly. And his pointed criticism suggests Lisman might be setting the stage for what could be a wide-open race for governor in 2016.

Shumlin Administration 'Very Confident' Health Connect Will Be Fixed By May

The Shumlin administration says it is "very confident" that a key function of the state's health care exchange will be working by the end of next month. The governor says he'll ask lawmakers to drop the state's exchange and move to a federal model if this deadline isn't met.

Students Recreate Historic Buildings With 3D Printers

Since October, about 20 Vermont schools have been competing in a first-of-its-kind project that combines high tech 3D printing and old fashioned local history.

Two Vermont Teenagers Win Top Honors At U.S. National Ski Championships

Green Mountain Valley School graduate Drew Duffy and Burke Mountain Academy senior Nina O'Brien won top honors at the U.S. National Ski Championships in Maine this week. The Vermont teenagers upset older competitors, and they're aiming for more glory. 

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