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Recent News

Train Strikes Two Pedestirans In Hartford, Killing One

Amtrak Police are investigating a train accident that left one man dead and another injured. Both were hit by an Amtrack train just before noon, police said. No passengers on the train were injured.

A Burlington Company Is Creating Drawing Tools For The Blind

Most of us start to draw at a young age and it can be an important skill especially in math and science. 

However, for people who are blind, getting that early exposure to drawing is difficult. A Burlington company, called E.A.S.Y. is working to change that by giving the blind much needed tools to draw. 

Pete & Gerry's Barn Fire Opens Doors For Local Egg Farmers

Chances are you're stocking up on fresh, locally produced eggs this holiday season, for everything from the turkey stuffing to pumpkin pie. So for thousands of choosy consumers, the barn fire last month at Pete and Gerry’s, the organic egg producers based in Monroe, New Hampshire, came at a terrible time.

Log Drives On The Connecticut: Keeping The History Alive, 100 Years Later

This year marks the centennial of the last long log drives on the Connecticut River. From the late 1800s and early 1900s, logs as big as 30 feet long were floated down the river to sawmills in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

How Vermont Farmers Will Feed Local Demand This Winter

Consumer demand is driving farmers to grow and sell more produce, even as the days grow shorter and colder.

It's the day before Thanksgiving at Walker Farm in Dummerston; the final day of the season and the employees are saying goodbye to their regular customers.

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