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FairPoint Worker Adjusts To Life Off The Job

It’s now been two months since some 1,700 union workers at FairPoint Communications walked off the job.The unions and the company are at an impasse over changes FairPoint management wants to make to workers' pensions, health benefits and work rules. Right now, there's no end to the strike in sight.That means, far away from the picket lines, workers must adjust to the financial and emotional challenges of life on strike. VPR visited the Jericho home of striking union worker Derek Whitney to learn how he and his family are dealing with the situation - and how long he plans to hold out.VPR has requested an interview with FairPoint CEO Paul Sunu to discuss the strike's two-month mark and what's next for negotiations, but a company spokeswoman denied that request.In a letter to Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin this week, Sunu wrote the company would “respond to any serious counterproposal that meaningfully addresses the company’s core issues.”

FairPoint Customer Complaints Show No Sign Of Slowing

The state says despite efforts to address service delays by FairPoint Communications, the pace of customer complaints shows no sign of slowing.

Military Mothers Reach Out To Homeless Vets

This holiday season, many make long journeys to spend time with their families. For parents with children in the armed forces, such holiday reunions aren’t always possible. A group of military mothers are mending their empty nests by reaching out to veterans in need of a family of sorts — those who are homeless and living in transitional housing.

Vermont U.S. Attorney Resigns, Moving To Private Practice

Tristram Coffin, the U.S. Attorney for the district of Vermont, said he is resigning next month to take a job in private practice.

"I'm going to be reluctantly stepping down and taking on another job beginning Jan. 12," he said. "It's an excellent opportunity, but I will be leaving this job feeling it's been an amazing time here. We've got such an incredible office here and terrific people."

Vermont Gas Pipeline Costs Continue To Rise

Vermont Gas Systems announced Friday that it faces additional cost overruns for its pipeline to Addison County. 

The company is not ruling out a rate increase to pay for the new costs. And officials say they will ask regulators to delay proceedings on the the next phase of the project, pending revised cost estimates for that phase.  

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