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Recent News

Campbell: Unlikely Senate Will Address Medicaid Cost Shift This Session

Senate President John Campbell says it's very unlikely that the Senate will pass one of Gov. Peter Shumlin's top legislative priorities this session: making a significant reduction in the Medicaid Cost Shift.

FairPoint Wants The State To Drop Its Service Quality Standards

FairPoint Communications is in the midst of a Public Service Board investigation into repair delays experienced by the company’s telephone customers. 

Google Moves To Offer Cell Service In Vermont

Vermonters may soon have the option to get cell phone service through a new company, though it’s likely one they already use regularly.

Google received a certificate of public good from Vermont’s Public Service Board this week, which allows the company to operate a cellular network in the state. Since cellular carriers are federally regulated, the state’s regulatory body didn’t heavily scrutinize Google’s plans for Vermont, though it does require the company to share its standard user contract and terms of service with the state. It also requires Google to make its financial information available to regulators.

As Broadband Expansion Continues, A Town Fears Loss Of Local Control

Vermont is the largest per-capita recipient of federal funds for broadband expansion, with much of the money going to the Springfield-based Vermont Telephone Company (VTel) to build a statewide wireless broadband network.

Sears: No Major Changes In Store For Sex Offender Laws

The release of a high-risk sex offender from prison last week is again raising questions about state sex offender laws. 

Inmate Richard Laws was set free because he maxed out his sentence, even though he refused treatment in prison. There are statutes that let the state keep prisoners like that behind bars, but they were passed after Laws was sentenced. 

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