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Last Update: 11:06:53 AM 8/22/2014

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No Reported Closings

There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Newport Conference Center Deal Falls Through

A keystone in the redevelopment plan for the city of Newport has toppled. Jay Peak Resort owner Bill Stenger was counting on buying a shopping center from real estate developer Tony Pomerleau, and converting it into a convention center and marina.

Studying The Rural Brain Drain: Where Aspirations Outpace Opportunity

Sociologists have been worried for a while about a phenomenon called "rural brain drain." The best and the brightest young students are leaving rural areas in search of jobs and opportunities elsewhere.

Federal Inspector Joins Search For Burlington Fuel Leak

A federal inspector was in Burlington Thursday to inspect fuel storage facilities as part of a search for the source of a fuel leak that has been stumping local and state officials for almost three years.

Two Lifetimes Of Work On Display At JSC

As staff, faculty and students begin returning to the campus of Johnson State College, a rare opportunity awaits them at the school’s Julian Scott Memorial Gallery. An exhibit now on display features the paintings of Peter Heller and sculptures by Alexandra Heller. The husband and wife taught together in the college’s art department nearly 50 years ago.

At Burlington College, A Troubled Summer

Burlington College is in financial trouble.

Earlier this summer, the regional accrediting body for colleges put the lakeshore liberal arts college on probation, citing financial problems.

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