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Pittsford Hoping To Knock $40K Off School Heating Bill

Last winter it cost $68,000 to heat Pittsford's Lothrop Elementary School. The school board has put together a plan that it thinks will reduce the school's annual heating bill by $40,000, but first school directors must find a way to pay for the project.

West Nile Virus Likely Widespread In Vermont

The Vermont Department of Health says mosquitoes captured in multiple towns across southern Vermont have tested positive for West Nile virus.

FairPoint Declares Impasse, Implements Reduced Union Benefits

FairPoint Communications says it will unilaterally implement the terms of its union contract offer. The company has declared an impasse in talks with the unions representing as many as two thousand workers in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. 

As Lake Cleanup Money Flows In, Advocates Call For New Policy

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stood at the edge of Lake Champlain Thursday and promised help for its troubled waters.

"This is the sixth-largest fresh water body in the country, and there’s no question that it needs help,” Vilsack said.

On Irene Anniversary, Vermont Disaster Relief Fund Still Doing Damage Control

Three years ago today, Tropical Storm Irene turned much of Vermont into a disaster area of flooded-out roads, homes and businesses.

The effort to raise money to help those in need had started months before Irene, when spring flooding caused its own formidable damage. After the tropical storm, millions more dollars were raised to help Vermonters, and borne out of this effort was the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund.

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