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Recent News

Middlebury's Lazarus Building Demolished

What was once Middlebury's downtown department store is now a Main Street cellar hole and a pile of rubble. The planned demolition of the Lazarus building was "substantially completed" on Monday and cleanup will continue through Wednesday.

Vermont Lawmakers Wary Of 'For Profit' Model For Legal Weed

A new study says the biggest issue in the legislative debate over the legalization of marijuana is whether or not for-profit companies will be allowed to sell a variety of marijuana products.

Vermont Farms Fret Over New Sanctions For Water Pollution

Environmentalists are giving Gov. Peter Shumlin early accolades for his proposal to reduce the amount of phosphorus running into Lake Champlain. But a prominent agriculture group says the plan to clean up the lake might end up hurting the farms that operate near it.

New Historical Society Educates On The Fenian Brotherhood's Bloody Past

A new historical society is forming in Vermont, with a focus on the bloody fight for Irish independence.

The Fenian Historical Society had its first meeting Sunday in Burlington.

Pipeline Filings Unclear On What's Driving Up Costs

Vermont Gas Systems last week filed a detailed breakdown of the updated costs of the Addison County natural gas pipeline last week.

The new filing to the quasi-judicial Vermont Public Service Board shows dramatically increased construction costs. But the documents obscure cost changes in other areas of the project because costs are categorized differently than in previous filings.

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