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Last Update: 3:49:38 PM 9/19/2014

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There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Say What? Lake Champlain Is Undergoing Turnover And Seiche

To the casual observer, Lake Champlain might seem pretty calm right now. But lake scientists know that it is kicking up a storm. It's undergoing turnover and seiche (sounds like saysh) as we speak.

Regional Report: Does Montpelier Need A Parking Garage?

Mayor John Hollar thinks the city’s parking requirements for businesses wishing to locate in the city are too onerous and may be discouraging development.

Senate Approves Plan To Arm Syrian Rebels, Vt. Senators Vote No

The U.S. Senate gave its approval Thursday night to President Barack Obama’s plan to arm and train Syrian forces in their fight against the terrorist group known as ISIS.

Communities Ramp Up Emergency Preparations To Qualify For Future Disaster Relief

Beginning next month, communities in Vermont will need to follow new rules to qualify for state assistance following a disaster. Community leaders learned about the new standards — and about other ways to prepare for emergencies — at an annual conference hosted by the Department of Public Safety.

Northeast Kingdom Families To Get Bungalows From Habitat For Humanity

A family of seven living in a small trailer in Coventry is going to get a brand new house, thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

In the Northeast Kingdom, Habitat is looking for mobile homes in disrepair, and replacing them with small, energy-efficient bungalows. Daniel and Elisabeth Prue, of Coventry, will be the first clients to benefit from this new approach to affordable housing.

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