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Recent News

Mirror Theatre Gets Green Light In Greensboro

Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency has won conditional approval to construct a new theater, arts center and cafe.

Last week's decision by the Greensboro Development Review Board was unanimous. The Mirror Theatre, as it will be named, will be built on 10 acres where the Hazendale Farmstand is currently located.

Vermont ACLU Sues State Over Traffic Stop, Car Seizure

The Vermont chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the state of Vermont over a traffic stop in Wallingford last March.

Vermonters Turn Out For People's Climate March

More than a thousand Vermonters marched in New York City yesterday as part of the People’s Climate March.

Some marchers were dressed as polar bears, some carried small wooden windmill replicas in their hands and some of the older activists held signs saying they were marching for their grandchildren. Contingents affiliated with colleges, labor unions and religious groups marched banners denouncing hydro-fracking, the tar sands oil project in Canada and the XL pipeline. Magdeline Valetis came from Putney with her 13 year-old daughter Ashley.

Springfield Seeks Solutions For Crime Surge

The town of Springfield has been considering an anti-loitering ordinance to help keep drugs and criminal activity off the streets. Those efforts have led to a broader discussion of the town’s problems.

Corren Has Democratic Endorsement, But Not All Party Resources

The Vermont Democratic State Committee voted Saturday to formally endorse Progressive Lt. Gov. candidate Dean Corren.

But that doesn’t mean he’ll have access to all of the party’s resources.

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