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There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Vermont Cartoonist Wins MacArthur Genius Award

A 2014 MacArthur Fellowship has been given to Vermont cartoonist and graphic memoirist Alison Bechdel. The Bolton artist has been at the forefront of the genre for more than 30 years. Her seminal comic strip, Dykes to Watch Out For, chronicled the lives of a group of lesbian friends. And her critically acclaimed memoirs explore her relationship with her parents and their own complicated inner lives.

Finding Funny Fighting Racism: Hari Kondabolu Brings Serious Laughs To ArtsRiot In Burlington

Comedian Hari Kondabolu is known for his smart comedy, which often digs deep into issues of race. His newest album is called Waiting for 2042. That’s the year when it’s projected that white people will be the minority in the United States.

Milne Calls For Freeze On Statewide Property Tax Rate

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Scott Milne says that as he campaigns around the state, there is no question that the rising burden of property taxes is one of the biggest issues facing Vermonters. That's why he's calling for a two year freeze on the statewide property tax rate for education.

Vermont Sees Case Of Unusual Hantavirus

The State Health Department is reporting that someone contracted Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome while visiting Vermont last month.

The out-of-state resident who became ill was most likely exposed to mice droppings while cleaning up a seasonal home. The person, who was not named, has since recovered.

Politicians, Candidates React To Health Exchange Downtime

Vermont politicians and political candidates weighed in on Tuesday’s announcement that Vermont Health Connect will be taken offline for fixes for weeks. Here’s what they had to say:

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