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Leahy, On Hand For Release Of Alan Gross, Calls It 'Emotional'

Sen. Patrick Leahy was present when American contractor Alan Gross was released from a prison in Cuba Wednesday after being held there for five years. The release came as President Obama announced plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Officials In Windham County Talk Economic Development With Nearby States

The Vermont Yankee nuclear plant is slated to close on Monday, Dec. 29. Employment at the plant will drop in the middle of January from around 550 employees to just over 300.

Board Of Education Cautions Against 'Regressive Tax Reform'

The State Board of Education is urging lawmakers to avoid “regressive tax reform” when they consider ways to change the way education is funded in Vermont.

Shumlin: It's 'Not The Right Time' For Single Payer

Gov. Peter Shumlin said today that he will not pursue his signature policy of single payer health care in the coming legislative session.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Shumlin said the taxes that would be required to fund a single-payer health care system for the state are "in a word, enormous."

New Data: Vermont Graduation Rate Rising, College Enrollment Lags

A new report  shows that Vermont is making progress toward some key education goals for high school students, but lagging behind the region in other areas. The data have been collected since 2009 using similar metrics and methods by five states in the New England Secondary School Consortium.

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