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There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Ex-FBI Director Freeh Was Likely Asleep When He Crashed His Car, Report Says

A state police accident report concludes that former FBI Director Louis Freeh likely fell asleep at the wheel when he crashed his car in Barnard last month.

Fletcher Allen Hopes New Building Will Give Patients Privacy

Dave Keelty is the director of facilities planning and development at Fletcher Allen Health Care. And he’s taken a break on this sunny Monday morning to survey the future site of what he hopes will become next great project.

Citizens Decommissioning Advisory Panel Gets Started

Entergy Vermont Yankee says it's looking forward to a new era of cooperation as the plant the plant winds down operations this year. The comments came as the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel held its first meeting last Thursday at Brattleboro Union High School.

Burlington Delays 'Smart' Parking Meters, Higher Rates Until November 1

Parking rates in Vermont’s largest city are going up. And Burlington will introduce “smart” parking meters where drivers can pay with credit cards.

Vermont Launches Search For Out-Of-State Prison Contractor

State corrections officials are searching for a contractor to house the inmates it doesn’t have room for in Vermont. But the process isn’t likely to dramatically improve conditions for the approximately 500 Vermonters serving time in Kentucky and Arizona.

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