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Vermont Advocate: Men Must Help Change The Culture Of Domestic Violence

About 40 years ago a group of women in Brattleboro got together to create a safe haven for other women in their community who were suffering from abuse.

Legislators Push 'Reset' On Broadband Goals

A bill moving through the Legislature sets ambitious new broadband goals for Vermont. 

If the goals are met, it would mean high speed fiber optic service for every Vermont location  within the next 10 years. But it's not clear how that goal will be reached, or how the improvements will be paid for.

Shumlin Health Care Architect To Coordinate Regional Reform Efforts

Anya RaderWallack, the principal architect of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s single-payer health care reform initiative, announced Monday that she has agreed to advise Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center on health reform issues across Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

Thousands Of Vermont Health Connect Customers Stuck On Service Backlog

Vermont leads the nation when it comes to per-capita enrollment in the new health insurance exchange. But for many customers, the transition to Vermont Health Connect has been anything but smooth. And thousands of Vermonters are now stuck in a sort of insurance limbo as the state works to iron out wrinkles in the system.

Vermonter Aims To Finish What He Started At Boston Marathon

Runners are gathering again for the Boston Marathon Monday, and it's no exaggeration to say that this year's running of the nation's oldest and most prestigious marathon will be like no other before it, due to the tragedy that will be on the minds of runners and spectators alike, and which occurred just one year ago.

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