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There are no reported school closings at this time.

Recent News

Essex Junction Pays Up In Settlement Over Wastewater Spills

The village of Essex Junction will have to pay $22,625 in fines related to multiple unauthorized wastewater dumps last year, the state says.

Clean Energy Grants Announced On Governor's Summer Solar Tour

The Waitsfield Community Solar Project got a big boost Tuesday, in the form of an $80,000 grant from the state's Clean Energy Development Fund. Neighboring Warren was also granted $80,ooo for its community solar project, going up near the town's elementary school. These are just two of nine grants Gov. Peter Shumlin announced during his "Summer Solar Tour." All the grants were issued to community solar projects in Vermont.

Flash Flooding Hits Chester, Andover

Flash flooding closed roads in Chester and Andover yesterday. The Red Cross set up an evacuation shelter at the Chester Fire Department to support first responders and people who may have had to move to safety.

Upper Valley Manufacturer Is Hiring, And Training, Many

There are signs that after years of decline, manufacturing is making a comeback in the United States. One global company based in the Upper Valley has been adding so many workers so fast that it’s had to create its own on-site academy.

Celebration Shows Growth And Diversity Of Vermont's Islamic Community

In Burlington today, Muslims celebrated the end of Ramadan with communal prayers and celebrations. This year’s celebration shows the growth and diversity of the Islamic community in Vermont.

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