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Sandwich Monday: The Funnel Cake Corn Dog

Sandwich Monday: The Funnel Cake Corn Dog

When the corn dog was discovered in an Iowa cave in the 1950s, explorers dated it at roughly 40,000 years old. Its recipe has gone largely unchanged since then, though few makers use real glyptodon meat

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Douglas: Vermont's Annual Ritual

When I served in state government, inevitably we’d answer the phone on the 1st Wednesday in March and hear from perplexed callers from out-of-state: “Why didn’t you answer my call yesterday? Did

Mudgett: Town Meeting Tradition

Every year the Vermont press run the Town Meeting Day stories: reports in which community tradition and the democratic process are juxtaposed against the obligations of modern life and the efficiency of

Luskin: Town Meeting Day

Since last year’s Town Meeting, I’ve been called to the polls twice for special elementary school votes, once for a special article about a Town Charter, and once each for the November elections, the

Henningsen: Town Meeting

Thomas Jefferson supposedly called Town Meeting the "wisest invention ever devised by the wit of man for the perfect exercise of self government and for its preservation." That’s something to cling to

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