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East Dorset Horse Show Brings Estimated $20 Million To Region

East Dorset Horse Show Brings Estimated $20 Million To Region

By Nina Keck

For six weeks every summer, the Harold Beebe Farm in East Dorset becomes a Mecca for horse lovers. The 40-plus acre site, just off Route 7, plays host to the Vermont Summer Festival

Is Vermont Ready For Ethics Reform?

Is Vermont Ready For Ethics Reform?

By Alex Keefe and Annie Russell

There’s been  a lot more talk over the past week about something that’s had a hard time finding political traction in Vermont - tougher ethics laws. Republican State Representative

Lebanon Co-Op Workers Vote Against Unionizing

Lebanon Co-Op Workers Vote Against Unionizing

By Charlotte Albright

Workers at the Lebanon Co-op Food Store have overwhelmingly rejected a bid to unionize.

State Worries Feds Too Lax On Yankee Oversight

State Worries Feds Too Lax On Yankee Oversight

By John Dillon

The state of Vermont and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission don't always see eye to eye. The state and the feds disagreed over the future of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant when the

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Vermont Furniture and Woodworking

Vermont Furniture and Woodworking

By Jane Lindholm and Sam Gale Rosen

In 1839, Bennington cabinet-maker Hastings Kendrick placed an advertisement in the Vermont Gazette. His tagline? "Rich and tasty furniture." The Shelburne Museum used that phrase as the title for their big new exhibit:

Telling Daisy Turner's Story

By Jane Lindholm and Erin Lucey

In her 104 years, the enigmatic storyteller and poet Daisy Turner became an important figure in Vermont folklife. Both her oration skills and attention to family history made her a compelling narrator of the African American

Interview: Gov. Peter Shumlin

By Patti Daniels and Jane Lindholm

Gov. Peter Shumlin is our guest for an hour-long interview on a range of policy issues he's trying to manage, including the state's GMO labeling law, a proposed Ethics Commission and ongoing efforts to transform the state's

Inch By Inch, Row By Row: Mid-Summer Garden Show

By Patti Daniels and Ric Cengeri

At this point in your summer garden, you might be on the edge of having more lettuce than you can possibly eat, while the tomatoes and new potatoes are just coming in. On the next Vermont Edition, it's our mid-summer garden

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Luskin: Slow Justice

Last year, I was picking berries, when I heard a car skid and crash on the road by my house.

Nadworny: Young African Leaders Initiative

This July, I’ve been teaching 25 African entrepreneurs at Dartmouth College. They’re in the U.S. as part of The Mandela Washington Fellows Program.

Adrian: Honoring Cheryl

Right about this time last year, a colleague of mine committed suicide after wrestling with what by all accounts was severe and major depression. I had

Mares: Wealth Inequality

Pope Francis has condemned the trickle-down theory of improved well-being as a naive trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power.

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