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Public Post Weekly Roundup

By Amy Kolb Noyes and Peter Biello

Public Post Weekly Roundup

Public Post reports on a debate in Hinesburg over what to do with the old police station; signs of spring in towns around the Green Mountain State; and

Analysis: Single Payer Health Care Alternative

By Bob Kinzel , Hamilton E. Davis and Sage Van Wing

Bob Kinzel talks with contributor Hamilton Davis about the "Plan B" alternative to Governor Shumlin's single payer health care reform.

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Labun Jordan: Not A Salad

We shouldn’t treat our desserts like vegetables – pretty obvious concept when I think about it – but putting it into practice can be difficult. I realized this the other day when I was eating a bland,

Gilbert: Importance of Libraries

The University of Chicago Press recently published a gorgeous book about architecture, with compelling text and spectacular photos. It’s entitled The Library, A World History. It takes us from the ruins

Nadworny: Making Burlington

Last month Generator, a new maker space in downtown Burlington, opened its doors to the public. Housed in the basement of the old Memorial Auditorium, it sported a clean, open floor plan, lots of tools

Molnar: Mud Season Joys

We moved to Vermont at the end of June six years ago and enjoyed every hour of the sublime summer, followed by a glorious fall and a very long white winter. After that, it was no longer beautiful. It was,

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